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Osteoporosis Treatment in India - For a Healthy Life

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the mineral portion of bone is lost, making the bone weak and brittle; occurs most commonly in postmenopausal women. It is a type of silent disease, which is characterized by the loss of the normal thickness or hardness of bone causing it to become brittle. This bone disease makes the bone grow weak and in the process escalates the possibility of its fracturing easily even during minor injuries. In Osteoporosis, the bone fracture can occur either in the form of cracking or complete collapsing. Even though Osteoporosis-connected fractures of the bone can take place in any body part, the commonly affected areas are points are spine, hips and wrists.

Osteoporosis is the most common type of bone disease. One of the most frequently affected areas is the spine. Individual vertebrae become crushed out of shape because they are so fragile, giving the sufferer a characteristic loss of height and hunch-backed appearance. This in turn can lead to other problems since the organs of the chest and abdomen can be compressed. Breathing problems are a frequent result, as the lungs become crushed. A distorted and damaged spine is painful, disabling and disfiguring.

* Back pain, caused by a fractured or collapsed vertebra
* Loss of height over time
* A stooped posture
* A bone fracture that occurs much more easily than expected

The goal of treatment of osteoporosis is the prevention of bone fractures by reducing bone loss or, preferably, by increasing bone density and strength. Although early detection and timely treatment of osteoporosis can substantially decrease the risk of future fractures, none of the available treatments for osteoporosis are complete cures. In other words, it is difficult to completely rebuild bone that has been weakened by osteoporosis. Therefore, prevention of osteoporosis is as important as treatment.
The following are osteoporosis treatment and prevention measures:
* Lifestyle changes, including quitting cigarette smoking, curtailing excessive alcohol intake, exercising regularly, and consuming a balanced diet with adequate calcium and vitamin D
* Medications that stop bone loss and increase bone strength.
* Medications that increase bone formation such as teriparatide (Forteo)

Dr. Thadi Mohan is one of the best orthopaedic surgeon in India with more than 20 years of experience. He has achieved FRCS (Gen. Surgery) and M.Ch (orthopaedics) from University of Liverpool,UK. His focused treatment areas includes,

Cost of orthopaedic treatments in India is very low as compared to other western countries like, UK, USA, UAE, Africa etc.
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Ankle Sprains Treatment

       An ankle sprain mean to be  soft tissue damage in the ligaments around the ankle joint. It  is the most common ankle injury in sport.The bones of the ankle are primarily held together by strong structures called ligaments.A sprain may be a partial tear to a complete tear in ligament.Typically damage to ankle sprain  is characterized by ankle pain and a swollen ankle. A sprained ankle occurs due to the  sudden sideways or twisting movement of the foot. The adequate treatment of a sprain help you quickly recover and prevent further issues.

 These symptoms indicate Sprained Ankle
•    Ankle pain.
•    Swollen ankle.


 To make a fast recovery from ankle sprain you have to treat the sprain earlier, the faster .Among sprains injuries ankle sprains are one of the most common orthopedic injuries overall, Three sets of ligaments that hold the ankle together and each can be injured. The most frequently injured ligaments in the ankle are those located on the outer, or lateral, side of the ankle. The injury in those ligament complex leads  lateral ankle sprain. These injuries were account for more than 75% of all ankle sprains.

Types of Ankle Sprains are,

Inversion Ankle Sprains
      The ankle sprain due to foot inversion is the most common type of ankle sprain,due to this type of ankle sprain happens, the outer, or lateral, ligaments are stretched too far. There are three ligaments that join to the outer side of the ankle.

 Eversion Ankle Sprains

  Eversion Ankle Sprains causes when the foot is twisted outwards. Due to this the inner ligament, called the deltoid ligament, is stretched too far. Patients suffer the  pain on the inner side of the ankle.
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Treatment for Acetabulum Fracture India

              The acetabulum is hip joint part and formed by a portion of the in nominate bone and lies on the point where the ilium, ischium, and pubis are joined by the triradiate cartilage, The acetabulum is enclosed by the anterior and the posterior columns like the 2 limbs of an inverted Y. Cartilage lines the socket to keep movement smooth and the joint cushioned.Acetabulum fracture means fracture in this socket.

          acetabular fracture are those injuries connected to the hip.Hip joint means where your thigh bone meets your pelvis bone. Hips are called ball-and-socket joints because the ball-like top of your thigh bone moves within a cup-like space in pelvis. Acetabular fractures normally caused by either high-pressuretrauma, most commonlyfrom an automobile accident, or from what are called an insufficiency fracture. An insufficiency fracture is most common in olderpatients and is caused by the bone being weakened by osteoporosis. This fracture usually see in Older women than older men.

       The patient injured by acetabulum fracture, first has to be diagnosed properly to know the extent of the instability

and cartilage displacement. The Surgery is often recommended for:

 1) Support the cartilage surface      

 2) Removing debris (bone) from within the hip joint

 3) Repairing stability of the hip


  Acetabulum Surgery may be required depending on the extent of damage to thecartilage in the joint and the degree of instability in the hip.Surgery helpsto remove bone debris from the joint, restore stability to the hip and align the surface of the cartilage so the ball is held tightly within the socket ofthe joint. Surgery is most often carrying out in younger patients. For olderpatients, even if the alignment of the joint is not perfect, fractures may beallowed to heal on their own.
       Up to three months after surgery patients must not put weight on the affected leg. If put any weight on leg it risks displacing the joint again. In the longer term, patients who have fractured their acetabulum face an increased risk of arthritis in the joint.    

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Arthroscopic Sports Injury Treatment in India

Arthroscopic techniques have revolutionized surgery. The word arthroscopy comes from two Greek words, "arthro" (joint) and "skopein" (to look). The term literally means "to look within the joint". Arthroscopy allows orthopaedicsurgeons to make a tiny incision and look inside the joint, rather than the large, more invasive cuts once required. Historically the Orthopaedic surgeon had to cut through skin and tissue and dislocate the joint to get at problems in the joint, causing considerable damage in some cases.

Now, with just a tiny puncture wound, the orthopaedic surgeon can insert a pencil-sized optical device into the knee, hip, Elbow, Ankle, Wrist or shoulder joint. The image from the miniature television camera attached to the arthroscope is projected onto a large video monitor in the operating room, showing the surgeon exactly where to go to correct problems in the joint. Hip, Shoulder, Wrist, knee and Spinal are the few body parts which are rectified through arthroscopy.

Types of arthroscopy

  1. Knee arthroscopy
  2. Hip arthroscopy
  3. Shoulderarthroscopy
  4. Ankle arthroscopy
  5. Wristarthroscopy
  6. Elbowarthroscopy

All these procedures will be given a general, spinal, or a local anesthetic, depending on the joint or suspected problem. After the surgery, you will have an ace bandage on your knee over the dressing. Most people go home the same day they have surgery.

Risks involved in this surgery include
Infection in the joint
Blood clot
Injury to a blood vessel or nerve
Damage to the cartilage, meniscus, or ligaments

With the advent of arthroscopy, old fashioned open surgery became out-of-dated. Arthroscopy, a medical cutting-edge technology used to correct bone related problems aid the patient with 100% recuperation from the problem.

These procedures are done by Orthopaedic surgeons. Orthopaedic is one of the major departments in Medical Trust Hospital Kochi, Kerala that provides various orthopaedic treatments for the patients across the world. The treatments are done under the supervision of Dr. ThadiMohan, a famous orthopaedic surgeon in India with more than 20 years of experience. Arthroscopy is conducted by Dr.Mohan, who is well equipped with the latest cutting edge technologies. Medical Trust Hospital, Kochi use the most advanced and latest techniques that relieves pain, allows you to strengthen your body, corrects the joint deformity and improves the quality of life.

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Knee Replacement Surgery in India with Affordable Cost - INDIA, ASIA - Biggest Classifieds: American Classifieds: Local Classified Ads

Knee Replacement Surgery in India with Affordable Cost - INDIA, ASIA - Biggest Classifieds: American Classifieds: Local Classified Ads

Best Orthopaedic Surgeon in India

Dr. Thadi Mohan is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience. He has a prosperous orthopaedic clinical practice in Kerala, India with patients consulting him from more than 20 countries worldwide. He is known to thousands of patients as a dedicated and energetic orthopaedic doctor. Currently, Dr.Mohan is working as Orthopedicsconsultant in Medical Trust Hospital Kochi, India. 

Dr. Mohan's focused treatment areas are Joint Replacement, Sports Medicine & all kinds of Trauma. He also does Primary, Revision Joint Replacements (Hip, Knee & Shoulder) and Arthroscopic Ligament Reconstruction in knees & shoulder. 

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