Thursday, 26 March 2015

Orthopedic Treatment In Kerala

Thousands of years ago humans had four legs. Later when humans undergone many evolution and now humans are capable of standing in two legs and the other two legs that our ancestors had are converted into hands. The major thing that help us to stand in two legs is our strong bones. So whatever that happens to our bones is something that is very serious 

Knee plays an important role in our day to day life. knee help us to walk, help us to use our our hand, help us to turn our head and so on. As we are using our knees restless, its usual that it may become damaged as we become old. Nowadays technology and medical science is developed so we can employ the latest technologies to treat knee problems that includes knee replacement and other complicated knee problems which can be cured nowadays

A common orthopedic problem in nowadays is Arthritis . Arthritis is most commonly seen in women. Arthritis is a joint disease which most frequently seen in hands,knees,hips,feet and spine

There are two kind of are arthritis

Primary : Arthritis that affect fingers,thumbs,spine,hip and knees.
Second : Arthritis that occurs after injury or inflammation in a joint

Arthritis is a orthopedic disease which can be cured under good treatment
Orthopedic Treatment In Kerala is become advanced under well experienced doctors like Dr Thadi Mohan an who have more than 20 years of experience as orthopedic surgeon. However finding arthritis at an early stage and treating it under a well experienced orthopedic surgeon like Dr Thadi Mohan will cure the disease and bring back the energetic past life and smiles to the patients face.