Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Does Joint Pain Hinder Your Daily Activites

Joint Pains are very common among the adults. But it now targets even youngsters. There are many causes behind joints pains such as autoimmune disorder, strains, sprains, Hepatitis, Rheumatic fever, Gout, Fractures and physical injuries. No matter what causes Joint pain, experiencing the pain is really horrible and painful especially among working adults. To stay away from the joint pain, one should know the causes and preventive methods, treatment to shield from such an excruciating condition. The main joint pains in the site of hip and knee are most experienced.

As the basic treatment, the pain and inflammations are controlled by a muscle relaxant, NSAID, and physiotherapy. But still the patient feels a severe joint pain in the hip or joint pain in the knee, then the physician would prefer surgery or other treatments based on the affected site’s condition.

Knee Replacement is a surgical procedure involves with removing the damaged cartilage and bone of the knee joint. This surgery completely removes the knee pain and enhances mobility. 


Knee replacement is done by various procedures based on the knee condition.

Rotating Knee Replacement is done to stay as real as the normal knee, makes the knee to move inward, outward, swing front and back. This procedure is both reliable and durable.

Partial Knee Replacement is done for the serious osteoarthritis condition and this new procedure replaced the traditional total replacement of knee which is a wide procedure.

Custom Knee Replacement in this procedure MRI is taken before the surgery and the custom cutting guides are decided by the surgeon which helps him to remove and replace the exactly affected bone.

Substituting previous worn total knee prosthesis with a new prosthesis is called as Revision Knee Replacement.

Hip Replacement Surgical procedure is done for the seriously damaged hip bone. Surgeon replaces the damaged hip joint with a new artificial which improves the hip joint movements. The general condition of hip arthritis is Osteoarthritis otherwise called “wear-and-tear arthritis” which totally damages the smooth cartilage of the hip joint until the bare bone is exposed.


Restoring a damaged hip replacement implant is called Revision hip replacement, which is extremely successful, delivers outstanding results among the huge majority of patients. Hip and Knee joint pain causes are due to bone degeneration by aging, injuries, obesity, dislocation, illness, infection, etc.

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