Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Get Rid Of Shoulder Pain Forever

Shoulder joint replacement surgery is best for relieving joint pain; however it is less common in comparison to hip or knee replacement surgery. Initially, Shoulder replacement surgery is performed to repair severe shoulder fractures, but now it is used for many painful situations of shoulder such as arthritis. Shoulder joint replacement surgery is recommended when nonsurgical procedures such as physical exercises and medications do not respond well to the painful situations of shoulder. Shoulder joint replacement surgery is an effective and safe method to get rid of pain and to resume daily physical activities.

Shoulder joint replacement surgery is a method to replace the ends of damaged joint of bones. The surgery develops new joint surfaces. Surgeons replace the ends of the damaged upper arm bone and the shoulder bone or cap with artificial surfaces lined which are made up from plastic and metal or only plastic. They are joined with the help of cement. Sometimes they are made with the material that permits new bone to develop into the joint component with the time and without the help of cement. 

Surgeons now working on a new method known as reverse total shoulder replacement for the patients having painful arthritis but is not as successful as the earlier one.

Shoulder joint replacement surgery is not recommended to the people who have 
  • Weak health
  • Intolerant with surgery and anaesthesia
  • Osteoporosis
  • Muscle weakness or damage

Benefits of Shoulder Joint Replacement Surgery

  • Relives from a severe pain
  • Moving shoulder easily and without pain
  • Help to do normal daily activities without pain
  • Sometimes allowed to resume activities such as swimming, dancing, exercise
  • Help to normalise social life
If the patient do not do hard physical work or not playing sports, it is quite possible that the artificial joint will work well rest of his life without any other surgery.

Dr. Thadi Mohan is a renowned doctor in the field of joint replacement. He is a senior consultant and orthopedic surgeon at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Ernakulam.  He is dedicatedly working for the patient well-being and good health.
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