Friday, 10 April 2015

Sports Injury Treatment In Kerala

           In this hot summer vacation kids will be engaged in outdoor games like football,cricket,badminton etc. Playing outdoor games acts as an exercise and it keep our kids healthy and physically fit. So its necessary for kids to engage in any kind of outdoor games to ensure their health in the growing years. Outdoor games are not only for childrens, anyone can play outdoor games depending on their health. Outdoor gaming always gives us health and stamina. But unfortunately some people may get injured while playing. what we will do if we got injured while playing or engaged in any other sports?

            If we treat the sports injuries in the right time under a right orthopedician injuries will wash out and we can return to our usual life that is filled with sports and and enjoyment. Depending on the injury the orthopedician decides which treatment to give. Some of the treatments are given below.

  • Arthroscopy : Arthroscopy is used find the damages on the joints and treat them. Arthroscopy is also known as keyhole surgery
  • Ligament Reconstruction : Every joint in our body have a ligament. Ligament injuries are most commonly seen in people who engaged in sports like soccer, skiing,football etc. 
  • Knee Injuries : Some of the knee injuries are harmless and they can treated in home. But some of the knee injuries are harmful to our life. If a sudden swelling appears in the injured part or a burning feeling in the injury consult an orthopedician as fast as you can
  • Shoulder Injury : Shoulder injuries are commonly seen in people engaged in games like cricket, tennis, badminton, weight lifting etc. Most of the people ignore the shoulder pain at first and it will end in steady pain, restriction of shoulder movement etc. 

         Dr Thadi Mohan is one of the best sports injury management orthopedician in Kerala. He have more than 20 years of experience in sports injury management. Sports injury treatment in Kerala is developed under Dr Thadi Mohan and his team. Treatment cost in India is very low as compared to other countries. So the injured persons from abroad can also treat in India and save their earnings. Dr Thadi Mohan and his team is concerned to bring back the smiles and enjoyment to your life.

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