Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Best ACL Replacement Surgery

ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament) injury is caused when the joint of your knee is bent backward, gets rotated, or shifts laterally or any of these occurs simultaneously. The ligaments binding the joints may get worn due to this injury.
These injuries are common in sports people who are highly involved in a lot of activities including stops and movements, jumping and weaving. Incidents like, falling off from a ladder or missing a step while climbing a staircase can also lead you to ACL injury.

What are the chances of having ACL injury?

An ACL injury is most often when an athlete may pivot, decelerate suddenly or land from a jump. Sometimes the falling of another player on your knee may cause you an injury. Women are more prone to ACL injury as they run and cut sharply in more clear posture than the men can do.

Treatments and surgery for ACL injury:

Once you get to know that you have injured with an ACL injury, the first thing is to get an appropriate first aids like ice, rest, comprehension and elevation. It's always good to practice exercises to restore normal stability in knees. Care should be taken that injuries to other knee structures are prevented.

Anti-inflammatory medications are  provided to reduce the pain due to ACL injury. At certain severe cases, ACL replacement surgery is adopted in which a graft is used to replace the ligaments. Usually in this surgery a small incision is made in the knee through which the surgical instruments required for the surgery is inserted inside the knee. IN some cases small incision are not enough and large incisions are cut and an open surgery is performed.

Post ACL replacement surgery care:

After undergoing an ACL replacement surgery there are many cares to be taken so that the surgery gets effective and you get quickly recovered. Some first aids like, applying ice, give due rest to your knee, gentle compression with an elastic bandage and taking some pain medications. You may use crutches or such helping aids initially after the surgery, so that you become some stable with your knees. But using such walking aids for a long time will make your muscles weaker. You should keep on practicing exercises that will strengthen and improve the motion of your knee joint and muscles.

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